✓ New formula now with a unique CARNAUBA GEL PASTE 20%

✓ pH neutral shampoo formula

✓ Secret blend of Indian nourishing oils

✓ Fascinating rich colour gloss

✓ Contains no alkaline or acidic components

✓ Highly effective concentrated shampoo

✓ Nourishes, conditions and protects


POLISH ANGEL ® | AQUA is a nourishing shampoo with a combination of a rich conditioned foam and luxurious fragrance.

Specific Gleitpolymere ensure the smoothest and safest wash without causing any scratches on even the most sensitive clear coat finishes.

Your wash media will glide over the paint surface, leaving behind a beautiful luster.

Due to it's pH neutral formula and lipid extracts the vehicles sealed surface will be protected from an form of stripping, leaving the paintwork with an increased depth & gloss with a tremendously smooth reflective surface.



1. Rinse off dirt from vehicle

 2. Mix 30ml of AQUA in a bucket with 8-10 litres of water 

 3. Using the 2 bucket wash method, wash the vehicle from top to bottom

 4. Wash off remaining product 

 5. Dry off