The decontamination step is crucial in your detailing process. POLISHANGEL® has all products to correctly, and effectively remove above surface, bonded contaminates.

These include iron deposits, rail dust (orange rust specs on paint), tar, and tree sap. The best course of action to remove the contamination is to first use Teersun Tar remover, then Iron Serum, Prior to using Glaycolic clay with Baby as you clay lube

Why use a deironizing agent before clay?

In simple terms. The secret of maintaining the finish and luster of any given vehicle. It to remove 99 to 100% of all physical contaminates prior to coming in contact with your cars paintwork. Where Snowfoam and hand washing will remove a large proportion on this material. It will not tackle Tar or industrial fallout. (Iron Fillings) this is the simple reason we recommend the use IRON SERUM in the decontamination process. Think of all of the iron based contamination (brake dust, rail dust) on a microscopic level. Some pieces of decontamination will be large chunks embedded into the paint, and others will be tiny pieces simply stuck on top. Applying IRON SERUM before claying will dissolve all of those little chunks, and loosen all large, embedded chunks to be easily clayed away. With the surface "cleaner" after IRON SERUM, the claying steps will be much more effective.