The shampoo you wash with is such a crucial element to your car care regime and LSP performance.
Many shampoos on the market use a synthetic gloss enhancing element to give that "wet", glossy look after you wash your car.  While these work every well and are very cost effective, synthetic gloss enhancifiers will add a film to the car which will make the surface much less hydrophobic and water will not bead very well. How do you combat this? Use carnauba!
The high content of our patented carnauba cream in our soaps; named CARNAUBAFLOCKENCREME™, is extremely effective at creating that freshly waxed, "wet" look, while feeding and restoring the beading and sheeting characteristics of the coating, wax or sealant you are using.
Polish Angel GLISSANTE, AQUA, and FLAKE are all designed for use in a 2 bucket wash method. GLISSANTE is the entry level shampoo, it has much less carnauba than FLAKE or AQUA, but as a trade off, the wash is very slick and sudsy.
FLAKE is almost the exact opposite of GLISSANTE. It has an extremely high content of CARNAUBAFLOCKENCREME™(you will see large wax flakes floating in the wash - hence the name!) which greatly restores beading and all hydrophobic characteristics. On the flip side, to have such a high content of carnauba in a wash, we have to make it very oily, so FLAKE has an antifoaming affect and will not suds up. AQUA is in the middle of GLISSANTE and FLAKE. It has a very slick, sudsy characteristic like GLISSANTE, yet the waxy, "wet" look of FLAKE.