POLISH ANGEL ® | FLAKE |Carnaubaflakewash

POLISH ANGEL ® | FLAKE |Carnaubaflakewash

✓ Worldwide unique Carnaubawash with real Carnaubaflake

✓ Special decalcified care water formula

✓ No water or lime spots, AntiCalc formulation

✓ No frothing, AntiFoam formulation 
✓ Special sealed packaging with rubber sealing insert 
✓ Perfect for all colours 
✓ Worldwide Unique! 
✓ Leaves no residue on plastic parts
✓ 200ml of FLAKE contains 100g of Carnaubaflake


POLISH ANGEL ® | FLAKE is a highly concentrated product that not only cleans intensively, but in an environmentally friendly manner regulates the water consumption. FLAKE is the most technologically advanced car wash formula which includes fine micro Carnauba flakes resulting in a deep gloss and perfect shine finish with no water or lime spots.


1. Rinse off dirt from vehicle

 2. Mix 30ml of FLAKE in a bucket with 8-10 litres of warm water 

 3. Wash the vehicle from top to bottom

 4. Wash off remaining product 

 5. Dry off 


After every 3 minutes stir the water until its nice and milky and if possible use lukewarm water.