POLISHANGEL® | TEERSUN | tar remover

POLISHANGEL® | TEERSUN | tar remover

✓ The most effective tar remover on the market 

✓ Safe on sensitive surfaces 

✓ Simple to use 

Tar stains are unsightly and can leave permanent stains on certain finishes. TEERSUN removes tar spots on paintwork and plastics immediately. It may also be used for the removal of oil, grease, silicone, wax, resin, petrol stains and adhesive residues.

TEERSUN can also be used on rubber surfaces or synthetic carpets and upholster for removing oil-based stains. Thoroughly and gently removes tar and oil stains from paint and chrome and other stubborn stains such as insect remains and bird droppings. Even underbody splashes are removed quickly and completely.