POLISHANGEL® | HONEY | tyre dressing

POLISHANGEL® | HONEY | tyre dressing

✓Long lasting tyre dressing 

✓ long-term protection 

✓ Fine, satin-like luster finish 

✓ Nurtures and Nourishes in one operation 

✓ Environmental and user-friendly application technology

POLISHANGEL® | HONEY is a long life tyre dressing that protects the tyre rubber. Made ​​from environmentally friendly components & rubber resistant polymers. The satin luster gives the tyre a strong long lasting finish whilst protect against discoloration and cracking. This soothing gel provides long-lasting flexibility of the rubber and keeps it from drying out. HONEY gel is based on natural components, which is a significant feature in protecting the rubber from breaking down. HONEY is biodegradable and completely environmentally friendly.


Apply a thin even layer over the tyre wall using our Finishing Applicator Pad & to create a uniform and satin finish. Complete with a light wipe over with a dedicated cloth.