✓ GLASSCOAT ™ | INVINCIBLE | PRIMER the innovative diminishing polish with a clear finish
✓ You decide with the polishing performance
✓ Crystal clear mirror finish
✓ Suitable for ceramic coatings
✓ Contains colour enhanced flakes for a perfectly defined, fiery finish
✓ Extreme pure results
✓ Dust free

 ✓ Suitable for machine and manual processing
 ✓Contains no fillers.

GLASSCOAT ™ | INVINCIBLE | PRIMER diminishes in a special way from it's coarse grit to ultrafine particles. Only you determine the end result...There will be absolutely no polishing dust only true results.

INVINCIBLE is a crucial first step to the two part COSMIC coating. Without INVINCIBLE, COSMIC durability and overall candy gloss cannot be attained.


We tailor the ultimate next step with our unique colour matching method  "GLASSCOAT ™ | COSMIC  to your paint colour, to achieve an incredible colour brilliance and an unprecedented luster and smoothness.


1. Shake well before use

2. Apply by machine or hand

  a. By hand / use product sparingly and apply in a over lapping circular motion with light pressure.

  b. By machine / Depending on paint defects we recommend a first passage with a medium cutting Pad followed by a second passage with a finishing pad and polishing speeds of up to 2000rpm.

3. Buff off with a clean microfibre 
4. After using INVNCIBLE, directly apply COSMIC coat. There is no need for any IPA or Panel wipe down after this step. INVINCIBLE includes a paint cleaner and the hardening agent for COSMIC.
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For quality reasons, Glasscoat ™ | INVINCIBLE | PRIMER is produced exclusively to order and can cause delays of up to 2 days  (in addition to the regular delivery time). The shelf life ranges from the manufacturing date, not opened up to 4 years.