✓ UNIQUE! Extracted and reduced Carnauba (5%), for even more sparkle saturation

✓ Extreme smoothness and deep gloss 
✓ Protects against fading
✓ Gorgeous colour brilliance 

✓ Legendary smoothness 

✓ Rapid application of about 5 minutes per vehicle
✓ Free to work without leaving any residue behind to polish
✓ Long-term protection up to 6 months
POLISH ANGEL ® CONNOISSEUR RAPIDWAXX is easy and quick to use and creates a "just waxed" looking result. This spray wax gives your vehicle an incredible shine and smoothness, the colors are vivid and intense and the protection lasts for up to 6 months. RAPIDWAXX contains no alcohol and no silicone-based primer. The combined polymers in sprayable form of sealing and Carnauba ingrediants create a result that even diehard enthusiasts put in awe. It has never been so easy and quick to process these benefits in one step. It may also be applied on glass surfaces, aluminum, chrome rims, and even be applied to plastic trim to create a high gloss. 
1. Spray a small amount onto the surface
2. Then immediately wipe on and off with a microfiber towel
3. Work a section at a time 
4. Do not let dry on surface