CHARISMA | Leather Conditioner

CHARISMA | Leather Conditioner

✓ Leather Conditioner

✓ For the care of old and new leather

✓ Contains no oily or aqueous fillers, no wax and no silicone

✓ Non-flammable and non-toxic

✓ Contains animal and collagen based proteins

✓ Fine leather fragrance

New! Vitamin C to revitalize the leather Vitamin C has great properties for leather care:

- Clarifying

- Refreshes

- Antioxidant

POLISHANGEL® | CHARISMA leather conditioner will not leave an oily, sticky or slippery film. This unique leather care is non-flammable, non-toxic and will have a non-irritating effect on the skin. The task of CHARISMA leather care is to nourish and protect whilst replacing old leather extracted nutrients leaving the leather soft and supple like the day it was born. The pH neutral formula contains a unique capilary boost, which is a mixture of animal and collagen based proteins. It contains no oily or aqueous fillers, no wax, no silicone and will not discolour. We recommend applying CHARISMA every 6 months and maintaining with our BELLACLEAN leather clean in-between.


  1. Shake well before use
  2. Apply generously by hand or leather applicator pad
  3. Massage product into area
  4. Once applied, leave for up to 15 minutes to nourish
  5. Wipe off remaining products with a clean microfiber cloth aided by BELLACLEAN or other leather cleaner.
The surface may feel sticky or have a white film. This is nothing more than dirt, sweat, salt or other toxins that have flowed out of the leather. We recommend then spraying the leather using POLISHANGEL | BELLACLEAN with a soft cloth to remove any old toxins.