• ✓ Suited for bright and metallic paints

    ✓ Soft texture

    ✓ Caribbean scent of walnuts, kiwi and vanilla 

    ✓ Achieves a deep reflection

    ✓ Rich and wet shine  

    ✓ High UV Protection 

    ✓ No streaking

    ✓ No discolouration on plastic parts

    ✓ Suitable for hand application

    ✓ Easy on, easy off

    ✓ 150ml

  • CONCOURS DE BEAUTY high Carnauba content provides a breathtaking surface reflection, gloss and smoothness. Bright and metallic paints will benefit largely from the white carnauba which provides a stunning proportion of surface reflection. With an extremely long durability it will keep your bodywork protected from dirt, UV rays and all other harmful elements.

    CONCOURS DE BEAUTY is presented in a Italian Murano air sealed glass pot, protected by a silver satin pouch which includes our 'finishing planet applicator'. Two pieces of GENUINE SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS are implemented on the lid. The goods are shipped out in an elegant black carrying case. The wax should be stored in a cool and dry environment. 


    We recommend pre-treating the surface with the POLISHANGEL® ESCLATE LOTION to ensure a clean surface for the wax to bond to.

  • 1. Make sure paintwork is dry, clean and prepared

    2. Apply a thin, even layer of product with cosmic applicator pad 

    3. Leave to cure for 30 minutes

    4. Buff off with dry micro fibre towel