POLISHANGEL® GmbH specializes in color-matched and perfectly interlocking handmade automotive finishing systems. This worldwide unique system creates a unique selling point, which is unmatched in quality and sustainability. Each color pigment generated is called a special color spectrum or light spectrum. Millions of special micro pigments produce an extremely concentrated color density, thus creating a firework of spectral colour

Now there are two fundamental differences in the function and mode of action in the INVINCIBLE PRIMER BASE-COAT and the COSMIC TOP COAT.

INVINCIBLE contains special binder ingredient which crystallizes after the polishing procedure. INVINCIBLE primer will deliver a crisp clear finish, which is still not yet known on the market.

The final unit of this two-component system is COSMIC in which we processed directly the basic formulation consisting of silicon, titanium & carnauba. Here the micro pigments are in a color sphere (from which the name originates COSMIC) which can be considered as an additional layer of clear coat.

Important: The 2-component system is essential and crucial for the crystallization process between lacquer and sealer.Prepare the vehicle surface with POLISHANGEL® | GLASSCOAT ™ | INVINCIBLE  PRIMER then seal with COSMIC | GLASSCOAT ™