SNOWCAKE | Interior Coating & Conditioner

SNOWCAKE | Interior Coating & Conditioner

✓ Plastic and vinyl conditioner dressing

✓ High UV-60 protection - protects against premature fading 

✓ Special care product composition for the interior 

✓ Elegant, satin-like matte gloss finish

✓ Rubber care for seals and door seals

✓ Luxury scent 

SNOWCAKE is a high quality plastic and vinyl care product for the cars interior. Plastic parts that are very often exposed to UV radiation, heat, fat, and high stress abrasion will fade and crack over time. SNOWCAKE is a solvent-free, high-quality care product developed to prevent these problems. 


1. Shake well before use

2. Make sure all surfaces or free of dust and dirt 

3. Lightly apply to desired area 

4. Evenly work product in using a clean microfibre

5. Buff to a sheen