POLISHANGEL® | HYDRO SHOWER sparkling water wash

POLISHANGEL® | HYDRO SHOWER sparkling water wash

✓ Newly developed Cell Membrane Technology for an even more paint-friendly wash 

✓ Highly concentrated  

✓ pH neutral formula

✓ Contains moisturizing extracts to extend the life of the sealing layer

✓ Environmentally friendly 

✓ Rich gloss creation 

✓ No water staining

✓ Suitable for mineral water wash 


HYDRO SHOWER is a highly concentrated, environmentally-friendly wash product. Subsequent rinsing and water spotting are a thing of the past, as this formula does not create a foam or soapy residue.  This unique product contains specific binding polymers which are hard on dirt, but act as a second skin to the protective layer. The overlay is higher and more slippery than the conventional car shampoo,  leaving your vehicle with a wonderful depth of gloss.


 1. Rinse off dirt from vehicle 

 2. In a bucket, dilute 1 cap of HYDRO SHOWER with 8-10 litres of water 

 3. Wash the vehicle from top to bottom (we recommend the two bucket method)

 4. Wash off remaining product 

 5. Dry if necessary