FAMOUS|Carnaubaflockencreme ™

FAMOUS|Carnaubaflockencreme ™

  • ✓ The NOVUM of Carnauba Wax & Sealant innovation

    ✓ A combination of the finest white and yellow Carnauba Flake in a creamy, easy-to-apply texture

    ✓ Maximum utilization of gloss and protection from the Brazilian gold 

    ✓ The crowning of the 'wet look' 

    ✓ Perfect for all shades

    ✓ Easy processing

    ✓ Leaves no residue on plastic parts 

    ✓ Extremely durable in all weather conditions

  • Carnaubaflockencreme ™ is the ultimate step in the future of Carnauba Wax and sealing technology. 
    The special cream formula, penetrates in a circular motion down to the pores of the paint surface in a rapid and intensive process called fusion. The stunning gloss and protection from the Brazilian gold activates the perfect shades and nuances. Reduced titanium (IV) oxide crystals form the base which, when exposed to sunlight, evoke their tetragonal crystal structure and prismatic reflective coating

    Carnaubaflockencreme ™ comes with a POLISHANGEL finishing application pad, and is presented in an elegant black re-sealable carrying case.

    Official Information | Germany / International - http:/ / www.carnaubaflockencreme.de

  • 1. Shake well before use

    2. Make sure bodywork is prepared and free from contamination 

    3. Apply by machine or hand

    4. Once applied, allow to cure for around 20 minutes

    5. Buff off with a clean micro fibre

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